How to Write a Good Dissertation Conclusion?

A conclusion is the last part of a dissertation. The conclusion of a dissertation provides a complete overview to the readers about the main points of a dissertation. It also provides a sense of closure to the readers. If we talk about the structure of a conclusion, then we come to know that the structure of the conclusion is opposite to the introduction. Its reason is that an introduction begins with general and ends with specific whereas a conclusion begins with specific and ends with the general. As a student, if you are not able to create a monument of conclusion, then you can get help from experts of dissertation writing services. Some essential tips to write a good dissertation conclusion are given below; 

1) Write an opening sentence for your conclusion
As we have discussed earlier that a conclusion consists of the main points of the dissertation. Therefore, we can’t include a new thing or concept in the concluding paragraph of a dissertation. That’s why we can’t start a concluding paragraph of a dissertation with the words like ‘In conclusion’ or ‘To include’ etc. Its reason is that these words are written to tell your audience members that you are near the end of an academic paper. On the other hand, if you have given the heading of conclusion, then your readers will understand that you are near the end of your dissertation and there is no need to remind them. The best opening sentences for your conclusion are to restate the thesis statement and try to use such phrase which can easily draw the strength of your main points.

2) Summarize your strongest points
We have seen a lot of students who just try to restate the main points of the dissertation as they have written in the main body of the dissertation. This thing will bore the audience members. If you want to create interest in the concluding paragraph of your dissertation, then there is no need to exactly repeat the same information. Instead of repeating the same information, you should try to summarize your strongest points. The best words in this regard are ‘for the reason’, ‘it is clear that’, and ‘the above examples and evidence show that’ etc.

3) Leave the readers with a lasting impression
At the end of your dissertation and conclusion, you should try to ask a provocative question from the readers. This question will intrigue the readers to think about the importance of the dissertation. The best ways to leave the readers with a lasting impression are given below;

A) You can easily leave a lasting impression on the minds of the readers by calling some kind of action.

B) If you are writing a dissertation about a harmful situation, then you can end your dissertation by giving a warning.

C) You can also end a dissertation by evoking an image in the minds of the readers.

D) At the end of the dissertation, you can also suggest some results.

E) You can also end the dissertation writing task with the help of a quote which will support your thesis statement.


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