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Friday, October 19, 2018

Step By Step Guideline On Writing a Literature Review For Your Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is divided into different sections. The first section to write an undergraduate dissertation is known as a literature review. The basic aim of writing a literature review is to provide an idea to the readers about the existing knowledge relevant to your topic. There are four main objectives of a literature review. First of all, it surveys the existing literature that is relevant to your subject area. Secondly, it synthesizes that information. Thirdly, it analyzes that information in a critical way. At last, it presents that information in a well-organized way. If you are not able to write a literature review for an undergraduate dissertation, then you can get help from dissertation writing services. The best tips to write a literature review for an undergraduate dissertation are given below; 

1) The first step to write a literature review is to find a working topic. You can easily find out a working topic for literature review by looking at your specific area of study. You should try to select such a topic that is interesting to you and it can provide a fertile ground for the studies.

2) The second step to write a literature review is to review the literature. For this reason, you should try to use the best keywords and try to find out at least two computer databases that are relevant to your subject area. You should try to read such articles and databases that have current knowledge relevant to your subject.

3) The third step to write a literature review is to focus on your topic narrowly and try to select the papers according to it. For this reason, you should keep in mind three important facts. First of all, there comes your interest and in the second, there comes the interest of your audience and at last, you should consider the time span that is required to conduct an effective research.

4) After selecting the best articles, you should try to read out these articles thoroughly and try to evaluate the data. During this process, you will be able to get an idea about the research methodologies, research findings, and conclusions of these articles.

5) After reading out these articles, you should try to organize the selected papers. For this reason, first of all, you should try to keep those articles that have common findings. Secondly, you should try to keep those articles that have two or three common research trends. At last, you should try to keep those articles that have the most influential theories.

6) After reading out data from different sources, you should try to devise a summary of two or three sentences that can provide a clear idea about your major research. This summary is known as a thesis statement.

7) Now, it’s time to make a list of all the headings and subheadings that are necessary to include in a literature review. In the case of an extensive literature review, you should try to organize your findings into different categories.

8) At last, you should try to write down the body of your literature review. As we have discussed earlier that the body of a literature review is divided into different sections. You should try to ensure a logical flow between all the sections and subsections of your literature review.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Get a Dream Job

How to Get a Dream Job
Dream job is something people look forward to throughout their lives, it is not a matter of life after academics but indeed, it is a long path way. Students are the upcoming youth have greater potentials than ever, therefore, they are preferred. In addition, young chaps do not lack exertion and as enthusiastic hence they are looked for. Keep in mind, despite all these facts, if a candidate is not skilled there is absolute no point that a corporation hires a candidate. In every means, a candidate should be skilled enough to get a dream job. However, this all process is not as difficult as it appears.

One must have potentials and come up with best credentials of their academic life. Some people along with their experience get dream jobs, but some due to their proficiencies get a dream job they are looking for. You must possess extra skills and deliver it to an organization you are applying for. Tell the organization you are applying in, why you are distinct from others and what sales turnover you will bring to an organization. Furthermore, every organization be it small or big is always looking forward to great revenue, so if you as a candidate mention that you are capable enough to generate a high volume of sales and revenue.

Hence, it is much probable that they hire you, give you good remuneration along with fringe benefits, benefits, and allowances. In addition, you must have the best CV to impress your interviewers. The more apparently you describe yourself the best; it is a much chance that you attain your dream job. Dream job also has the best package of salary. Usually, if the position is good yet, salary offered is not appealing. However, due to unemployment, people opt for a job. Ironically speaking they are not happy with a job that they are doing.

You must tell the trade industry that you not only have skills but you have this adoption in you too. You can learn new things and can cope with them. Speak out the more you can, as entrepreneurs as well as the interviews are looking for the generation who are benefitting them, and bring in more profit. Alongside this, also mention your academic goals and the credentials that you have taken. Keep in mind sometimes even when you are not experienced, you get a job! You get a job only, on the basis of your performance.

Furthermore, you can also add additional courses and the certifications that you have had in your life so that it shows and appears that in real it is worth keeping you as an employee. Companies are looking for people who are continuously consistent in terms of confidence, data analysis, and decision-making abilities. Confidence is all that you should have, even when you do not know answers, confidence is an answer to everything. So if you have traits and you are able to work on a challengeable environment speak out, as companies are searching for people like you, happy attempt!

Author of this article is working as educationist with cheap dissertation writing services that is based in UK.